Sunday, February 27, 2011

NYC/NJ Dogs /Puppies in need of Homes Please Share

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Recently IOHR saved many dogs from shelters in NJ and the South. Several are still looking for forever homes. Here are  a few we would like you to help make them part of a wonderful family.
Cocoa Puff-
This sweet and timid Aussie is only 3-4 months and ready for a new home . Good with other dogs cats and even kids, She has a great amount of energy and perfect for an active family. Will make an excellent hiking,jogging partner. Loves to hang in the dog park.This bred is super smart and learns tricks fast.
She needs a FOSTER- adoption would be great als!
OK, so Minnie, or Minnie Monster as we affectionately call her, is probably not a Chi/Labrador mix. Truth is we don't exactly know what she is, but she looks to be Chi-something big as she is about twice the size if not more of a standard Chi. We have been fostering her since about Christmastime, and with life being so busy and so many dogs to save we are just getting her up here now. She is best described as a small dog that can capture the love and affection of a big dog person, such as myself. She isnt barky unless she hears something and something is wrong, and she gets along with all of our dogs to the point of snuggling with the lazy ones and biting heads alllll day with our 1 year old Pointer pup who loves biting heads. One requirement before adopting Minnie is a bed, you must have a dog bed...Minnie loooves dog beds, and proudly lays on a bed, even in a room by herself, as the queen of the throne. Minnie was rescued in a group of 25 from a high kill shelter in Missouri who uses the inhumane gas chamber to euthanize, and sadly we believe her to have been a stray that nobody really went looking for. She is house trained, doesn't seem to mind being in a crate during the day (as we would sometimes have to crate her and the Pointer during the day due to the Pointers destructive puppy tendencies) and is pretty much a plug and play adoption. She went to my mothers house once, and my mother having cats I know the cats didnt like her and she seemed to be unfamiliar with cats. I would NOT go as far as to say she can not go to a home with cats, but I think she needs a break in period of adjustment, so if you have cats we will bring her by for a test visit. She is such a mellow sweetie I really find it hard to believe that there is an animal she would not find a friend in though. We are unsure of her age being a rescue dog, but her teeth appear nice and her energy is high, which leads us to believe the gray color is natural coloring, not age. To fill out an adoption application to make our very own Minnie Monster a part of your home, please visit She is being fostered in Howell NJ. Thanks for looking to adopt and support animal rescue!
Boxer Mix Puppies
8 weeks old we have both male and female.
Rescued from the south they didnt stand a chance at a home in an already over crowded shelter theyhave been in a wonderful foster home forthe past 2-3 weeks , Showered with love and affection they are just amazing bundles of puppy ready for a new home!
2-3 yr old Poodle also languishing in a kennel for a long period of time. He will be getting a nice over due shave down tomorrow. Great with other animals nice energy and good with kids who don't pull his ears bite his tail or steal his toys!. house broken and easy to walk. utd on shots and altered He also has been groomed and looks lovely
Ok, here is the story of this little guy. Our rescue had an upcoming event, and in addition to our dogs, we decided to pull some from a local kennel/shelter. Now, me being me, made a beeline to the pit favorite breed. If you are reading this, you probably already know how misunderstood this breed is. Well, like most shelters, they were at no shortage of pit bulls who were either owner surrender, strays who wandered in on a cold night, or even seized in township violation cases, so .I wanted to go out of our way to help those who wanted out. .I originally marked Debo on the website, and on my way to see him we stopped at a cage of a very sad little black pit, Santo. According to Santo's cage door, he had been there for about 6 months, had been a stray and nobody came to find him, maybe nobody cared. He had his head down as he lay on the ground, but as we called his name, the magic began. Most pit bulls in their sweetness have what we call the 'wiggle butt', displayed when they are happy to see you or just happy to be happy. .We called 'Santo', and with each repetition, the wiggle got more pronounced, the butt raised, the ears went back, and by about the 5th round he was pressed up against the cage door, licking our hands, smiling his face off and wiggling his butt, tail, and body to the point of either dance or convulsion! .We saw he needed out, and we marked him to be pulled. The next morning was our event, and bright and early we went over there, and Santo knew exactly what was happening...he didnt know the specifics, but he knew he recognized the faces from the day before, he knew we had stopped to invest 2 minutes on him, and he knew that if he was spending any time at all with us today, it was in fact his lucky day. So we pack up our vehicles, and head off to the event. We came packing poodles, cats, a hound, you name it, and .Santo was placed in a cage on our van, great....another cage he thought. The first few hours he had hardly anyone step by his cage because he was one of 'those evil fighting dogs'. His spirits dropped and he thought he was destined to be unloved and back at the kennel. After lunch .I decided to take him out, and brought him into the store where he became the absolute star of the show. He became the unofficial greeter of the petsmart that day, and had so many families stop to ask more information, but unfortunately with the bitter cold and very little publicity, he was unable to be fostered or adopted out, so temporarily we placed him back in his cage at the kennel until someone, hopefully you, can be the ending he was hoping and praying for Sunday when his future foster, owner, or best friend didnt show up. His personality is best described as a ray of sunshine. There was not a face he didnt lick, and not a dog that he showed even the smallest aggression to. .He almost went home with a foster family who's little girl almost cried when they left, the previous half hour the girl and .Santo were frolicking and kissing all over the floor. He is super with children, he is a snuggler, but also wants to run and be active. He loves, loves, loves, some kissing, and his tail is almost always wagging. On the return trip he passed out on the back seat of my pickup truck, and is completely well mannered in the car. You can not ask for a better dog, if we didnt have 6 here already, he would be in our home, and I wouldnt be typing so much. He is up to date on shots and has already been altered. .For any more information or to fill out an application to foster or adopt, please visit .We can transport, and frankly .I can not wait to go back and unlock his cage door for the very last time to take him home.
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