Saturday, February 19, 2011

NYC 10 Month Old Female Has Today Left. Show Her What Love Is..

ALEX – A889013 – 10 month old female pittie mix – 27lbs – Stray, 2/16
“Officer found the dog abandoned at the station house's garage in Brooklyn.”
A Volunteer Writes: Alex is a 10 mo female, a stray at the shelter since 2/16/2016. She weighs 27lbs. Alex was found abandoned in an empty gas station . She could not bear weight on her left hind leg and was probably injured. Possible a motor vehicle accident. Alex is a very pretty gray brindle little girl . She is very thin and came in dehydrated . She is as hungry as a bear and this is how we made friends, with roastbeef as a facilitator... Alex is traumatized. It takes a while to recover from such an ordeal. She sticks out her little tongue like the "white flag of peace". She is telling me:" I am little, I am scared but I am a good girl... Be nice with me." Lovely Alex needs medical care and a good home. May be it could be yours? Alex is at the Manhattan shelter. She is waiting for her new family.
Manhattan: 212-722-4939
Don't leave message keep calling be persistent til you get a live person!!!
New number: Hope this works! (212) 442-2076
ALEX – A889013 – 10 month old female pittie mix – 27lbs – Stray, 2/16
dehydrated and thin gave 200cc LRS SQ
sign placed to feed 3x a day
mod tartar
old scratch on face
limping with left hind legs
long nails trimmed
very scared
QARH  - fearfull - allowed most handling
- underweight - BCS 1.5/5 --- strong appetite
- old abrasions to face
- amb x 3, left rear leg intermittent weight bearing lameness
r/o pelvic/hip fx/luxation -- poss HBC
- rec' painmeds, cage rest -- rads and NH placement ASAP
- gave 25 mg rimadyl + 25 mg tramadol in soft
This animal needs your help. If you identify an animal that you are able to help, call the appropriate New Hope Hotline immediately (YOU MUST CALL BEFORE 6AM EST). The animal will be placed on New Hope Hold for your organization for 48 hours.
New Hope Alert Hotlines:

In Manhattan call: 212-722-9129
The New Hope Alert is sent as a courtesy to you because you are a member of the AC&C New Hope Program

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