Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blind Dog Champ Needs Out of Shelter ASAP NJ


A friend of mine is a volunteer at the local animal shelter. Unfortunately this holiday season many people have surrendered their family pets and the shelter is now overcrowded - and we all know what happens when the shelter is overcrowded :(   There is one dog she is very close to, Champ's information is attached. He is a wonderful dog and a great companion but due to his disability (he's blind) his time may be very limited. Adopting an older pet can be very rewarding - they may be older but still have a lot of love to share. She would take him but she lives in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. If you know of anyone who would like to adopt Champ - or any of the other animals - please pass this on. I know some of you don't live local, but you know or may know people who do. Please feel free to pass this along!
Contact JoyceMarieT@gmail.com, not sender. Thank you

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